Tuesday, September 13, 2016

About that Pee-Wee Football Life

Wyatt is playing Pee-Wee (the 9- and 10-year-old age group in his league) Football this fall, a huge athletic learning curve from what we've experienced in the past with soccer and baseball. I anticipated that, as he got older, the intensity of sports would increase, but jumping to a contact sport has far exceeded that anticipation. It's been fun to watch him learn so much more about the sport and grow closer with his team and coaches. The league prides itself on molding well-rounded athletes, not just great football players. Players are required to submit tri-weekly academic progress reports and are held to a high standard of treating their coaches, one another, and their opponents with the utmost respect. 

As crazy as a full football schedule has made things around here, Wyatt and I have been able to really connect over the hard work it takes to achieve sports-related goals. During my marathon training in the spring season, he struggled with why I spent so much time and energy on "exercising," and I carried quite a bit of mama-guilt over it. Now our commute to and from practices and games are centered around conversations about the importance of eating well (and a lot!), drinking enough water, stretching, pushing through physical discomfort, overcoming mental and emotional walls and barriers, and the pay-off for working hard every day. (There's also a lot of Q&A coming from the backseat that sounds like ... Who was a better quarterback? Joe Montana or Steve Young?)

I'm so proud of my hard-working football player. He's made great strides as an athlete and continues to perform well academically while balancing the physical demands and hours spent out on the field. Hard as it is to watch my firstborn begin to acquire the traits and characteristics of a young man, I find great comfort in the realization that somewhere-somehow-someway I've been doing something right with raising this well-rounded boy. 


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  1. That was really sweet! Thank you for making those nice inspiring quotes. It feels better after reading them.