Sunday, September 11, 2016

Back in Action

Hi, strangers! It feels good to be back!

The last time we saw each other I was just days away from my first full marathon. I am happy to report that the Mountains2Beach Marathon went well and I finished in 4:19:24 with no injuries and feeling amazing, a sign of a great training season! I felt so great that, just two weeks after the marathon, I completed a 30-mile run for one of my teammates' 30th birthday. (That one had me off my feet and aching for a few days!)

Mountains2Beach Marathon Finish Line

Post-marathon, my mind and body were ready for some extended rest. While I was riding the high of pride and accomplishment, my kids missed their mama, my floors missed the vacuum cleaner, and my eyes missed being gently awakened by the sun and not an alarm clock at 3:45 AM. I was nearing burn out and knew my life needed some normalcy before entering another training cycle.

Which brings us to present day, or entering training week five of sixteen for the California International Marathon (since I'm back to scheduling my life with the reference point of a training season). CIM has been called the Fastest Course in the West and I'd like to test this slogan by setting a finish goal close to 4:00. Balancing training is much more challenging this time around with a few added extra-curricular activities and responsibilities for my little family, but I am happy to be carrying the confidence of an already-completed marathon in my pocket. My training approach is to make my workouts "count" and find time to cross-train wherever possible, even if it's on the field sidelines while Wyatt and his team practice.

Stay tuned for more training updates, we're just getting warmed up!

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