Monday, September 26, 2016

My Favorite Running E-Gear (That's a lot of USB Chargers)

When I was ready to buckle down and become serious about my relationship with running, I was overwhelmed with the amount of gear available to runners. Perusing around one of my favorite local running stores (probably to pick up a pair of "cute" shoes I wouldn't even test on a treadmill before purchasing), I asked a sales associate about ways to track my pace and distance. I was about to start training for a half-marathon with a time-goal and, at the time, I'd been using the Nike+ app which required me to run with my phone strapped around my bicep. Looking for easy, lightweight alternatives, the associate led me over to a case filled with GPS devices, and so began my love of accessorized running.

Here are a few of my favorite running companions that make those long, hard workouts just a little easier!

GoPro Hero Session

My coach is a big fan of pulling the team out of town for weekend long running. We usually head up the highway to one of many nearby lakes or continue further up into the mountains. As rainy months approach, the views are so beautiful and a welcome distraction from the incline training. While we usually have a teammate with a camera chasing us around, I would carry the thought of how fun it would be to capture some of these courses on a GoPro. Some of my favorite running Instagram-ers and teammates rave about theirs, so I made the jump and purchased one of my own. I'm still learning to perfect my angles and lighting, but having so much fun with it already.

Nathan Nebula Fire LED Headlamp

As the end of Daylight Savings Time nears, a couple of my weekly workouts will take place in the dark(er) hours of the evening. To keep me from eating dirt (and to be seen by others - I'm lookin' at you, bikers!), I purchased one of Nathan's LED headlamps.

I wear mine around my body, up by my ribs and just under the band of my sports bra. I can adjust the brightness of my lamp and choose a strobe option in heavy-traffic areas by simply pushing a button - meaning I don't have to stop my run to mess with it. Safety first, runners!

Garmin Forerunner 230

And the gadget that started it all... My first GPS watch purchase was a Garmin 220 that lasted me a few years before biting the dust. After it had reached the end of its shelf life, I upgraded to a 230. I don't use it for much more than tracking my pace, distance, and (occasionally) lap times, but I will say that I've become highly dependent on it. My coach sets his team with goal paces throughout the season, and playing with numbers keeps me occupied during those harder speed workouts. By using Garmin Connect, I can track speed trends and follow my teammates' progress. Totally worth the chunk of change!

I'm off to find a spare outlet and re-charge before tomorrow's early-morning tempo run! ;)

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