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My name is Caitlin and, if you shift your eyes to the right, you can get the Cliffs Notes version of who I am and proceed down to the last paragraph. If you're hanging in with me and my life-story, I appreciate your commitment to the cause. I'm mom to Wyatt and Hallie (pronounced Hal-lee, she'll now roll your eyes and tell you), the absolute and complete loves of my life. We call Central California our home and laughter our best medicine.

I work full-time which proves to be challenging between spin class, soccer practice, and cooking dinner, but (after many trial-and-error experiences) I've learned finding balance and a good cup of joe is key in maintaining sanity. Speaking of sanity (or lack thereof), I'm also a runner - by definition. I ran my first, and very poorly prepared for, half-marathon in November 2009 and haven't stopped registering for races since. After registering for my first full marathon in January 2016, I hired a coach and joined a running team in hopes of becoming a faster, more well-prepared runner. Aside from the athletic benefits that come with the accountability of being on a coached team, I've met some wonderful people in my local running community and made great friends who understand the unique shade of "crazy" that comes with being a runner. (Also, now that we're friends and are in the mood for sharing, I feel comfortable admitting to you that at least 65% of my drive to run comes from my love of donuts - those calories are not going to burn themselves.) 

Now officially a thirty-something, I feel a little closer to a midlife crisis by the day. And what better way to document the day-to-day madness of self-soothing than writing about it, right? As I ease into the groove of being a real-life grown-up, I'm excited to share what's cooking in the kitchen, how we're spending our weekends, and where I'm running to next. (Directionless as I feel now, your guess will be as good as mine! Stay tuned!)

Raise your coffee mugs and let's Cheers! to the excitement of new adventures.

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